Software Reviews: API Mac database, Family Tree for Mac

I spend it so you don’t have to.

API Mac Database

One of the biggest problems with the MAC is the comparative lack of good software programs. Seems the MAC is great for graphics and video, but not so great for everything else.

I’ve tried several database programs including most recently APIMac Intuitive Apps. It sounds great on paper but it just doesn’t work.

It’s only $19.99 for a single user, so it’s not a big lose for me. I purchased the software and found it was very easy to create a database with 8 fields for a project I am doing. But, when I tried to import the data from Exel, .CSV and even a .TXT file, it just doesn’t work. It imports every entry as a separate file so instead of having 500 records with 8 fields, I ended up — no matter how many different ways I saved the data — with 4,000 individual entries.

You can imagine how frustrating that is.

The software promotes its ease at syncing with the iPhone but it doesn’t do you any good if you can’t create a workable database using existing data.

I’ll try a few more and I am sure, I will find one that I can recommend.

MAC’s have bean counters, don’t they?

ANCESTRY.COM Family Tree software is a very expensive hobby, costing $300 a year to access its database. But the online system is so slow you want to download a software program to sync and run with it called Family Tree.

Well, Family Tree works easily with Windows, but not so easy with MAC. In fact, the MAC version of Family Tree just doesn’t work. And it costs $52.49 for Family Tree Maker for MAC 2.

The problem is the MAC system refuses to allow the software to accept the License Code, which is a big problem, especially when you PAID FOR IT.

Worse, when I went to the software seller, Nova Development which is a partner with, responds to all inquiries and says you have to go back to the original developer to get a refund.

So I ate that money, too.

But I eat and waste money so you won’t. Save your money. Do not purchase Family Tree for MAC unless you like wasting money, too.

— Ray Hanania


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